Undead and dark beings.

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Undead and dark beings. Empty Undead and dark beings.

Post  Don Fawful on Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:46 pm

Another topic another set of articles. This section is for the darker beings of the Agamé desert because you know for every light side there is a dark side. I will start with my first article here and post when I have more!

Article #1


The Lich, yes a powerful undead being that was once a powerful necromancer/wizard/magician who wanted to transcend mortality and continue living even after death itself.

A lich is ''born'' by the work of necromancers etc etc that wants to live on after death. This is achieved by dabbling in dark magic created by the Fallen Gods long ago. Only death and destruction comes from these magic spells and incantations so they have been sealed away long ago, or so we thought. Several spells have resurfaced after ages of lying dormant and this has caused a great increase in undead over the last couple of decades.

A lich in theory is a highly intelligent undead with limitless power over other undead and lesser beings but at a price, their sanity will dwindle as they seek more power. In the end the lust for power makes them go insane unable to think of their own and eventually turn them into mindless undead powerhouses hellbend on destruction of everything alive.

In the case of a lich from the Agamé desert it's quiet a lot different. The creation of a Lich requires a couple of reagents that when combined change a whole lot to the formula of a Lich itself I shall explain what I mean.

Once a Lich has returned from his grave through the dark spells his soul will be bound to a small pouch, this pouch is made of a highly peculiar skin. The skin of a Vacuum Dragon. This skin holds magical properties that when putting it bluntly, keeps the soul fresh. This is however at a great cost for the Lich. You see the skin of a Vacuum Dragon absorbs magic, numbing the power of a Lich by an incredible amount. The other edge of this however is that a Lich will keep its sanity for all eternity making them more versatile and intelligent advisaries then a Higher Lich (Wich I will get to shortly)

A Lich is only able to maintain control over 1 undead minion although exceptionally powerfull Liches are said to be able to control 2 or even 3 undead minions. These minions are called Flesh Golems. This is because a Lich can craft this golem to look and act exactly how he wants. This however requires flesh, skin, blood and the entrails of hapless victims and cultists worshipping several Liches. The Lich has total control over their minion and neither can excist without the other. The Lich is hopeless without his Flesh Golem but then again, the Flesh Golem cannot stay alive if there isn't a Lich present.

Are there limitations to these Flesh Golems you might ask? Well actually there are, they still obey the laws of gravity which means a Lich cannot create a gigantic golem without listening to the laws of gravity and other sciences. A golem with small legs and a gigantic body simply does not work, the Golem would not be able to work. But when everything is in proportion the Golem can be as big and even look like an adult Dragon (Which is all things considered pretty darn big)

Thanks to the Vacuum Dragon Skin pouch these Liches are a force to be reckoned with. What they lack in numbers they easily make up for by sheer strenght through their Flesh Golem.

Now the Higher Lich on the other hand is a completely different story. The Higher Lich is a Lich not bound to a pouch but instead an artefact created by the Fallen Gods themselves granting the Lich unlimited controll over the undead but losing their sanity all the way throughout as previously stated. These Liches however are extremely dangerous but their sanity deteriorates at a very low rate so the true insane Higher Lich is yet to be seen.

A simple way to kill a Lich is by stealing his soul pouch and stabbing it with a pointy stick. Anything will do! Magic does not work on it because of the anti-magic field surrounding the pouch. Another surefire way to get rid of a Lich is to set it ablaze. ''Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.''

One of the most renowned Liches of our day is simply called Drew the Lich. A strange case because instead of following the path of evil this Chiropterean Lich tries everything in its power to help the three factions in their ongoing struggle with the Fallen Gods. He is however not to be taken lightly and is known for sacrificing lab assistents to his Flesh Golem from time to time. But as they say a Chiropterean Lich is known for their insane experiments.

Power, Wits, Intelligence and Immortality, these undead have it all.

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