The History of Gaea.

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The History of Gaea. Empty The History of Gaea.

Post  Don Fawful on Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:01 pm

In this topic I will explain in detail the history of Gaea the world in which we live. This topic can be a bit controversial just saying as it dabbles in Creationism, Science and Evolution.

Creation and History of the World.
In the beginning there was nothing just a vast void of space. That was untill three young gods decided to create a planet. This planet did not have a name because it did not need one. The gods we are talking about are Mana, the god of life. Grim, the god of death and Law the god of order, justice and everything inbetween.

When the world was created Mana gave life to a variety of magnificent creatures and different races. Grim ensured that when they died he would take their souls and grant them peace in the afterlife. Law ensured that all the aspects of nature were in control. Time flowed, seasons changed and everything was peaceful. That was until certain races discovered the power of tools and weaponry. This started a war between the races of the planet. Mana was sad, she shed a single tear that fell onto the planet which gave birth to magic, mana would be the name of the material that magic is made out of, named after Mana the goddess of life herself.

Thousands of years passed and the planet developed itself under the watchfull eye of the three gods. One race had developed far faster then anything else and started taking over the planet with an iron fist. Their Technology was very advanced and it gave them the world. At one point in history the unthinkable happened, their technology became so advanced that they thought it could replace the gods! They banished the three gods with Technology to their own planes of excistance. Now blocked off to the planet everything went out of control. Yet the advanced race thought they could handle the world with their technology.

A couple of hundred years passed and the Technology started to power down. Eventually the Technology became so weak that Chaos took a firm grip and started destroying the planet. Major malfunctions hit the technology of the advanced race and they got blown into a different realm but not far enough to be stuck. The ones that did not get blown into that realm died and so it seemed, the entire planet with it.

Luckily for the planet there was a back-up plan the gods created in case of emergency. This back-up plan was that the planet itself would take over all functions that otherwise the gods controlled appart from Mana's gift to create life out of nothing nor the ability to send spirits to the afterlife. In a sense the planet was a gigantic supercomputer. However thanks to the Technology left behind by the advanced race the planet had a ''circuit break'' if you will and something very odd happened. The planet became sentient, it started having his own thoughts and believes it knew it was build by others and it knew its task but it had the free will to do as it pleased. First off it would need a new name, the name the planet chose for himself was Gaea. It soon rebooted his entire being and started returning functions to himself like the tasks Law was destined to fulfill. Time flowed again. Yet thanks to the Technology still left on this world and the overbearing task of controlling everything Gaea had an idea it gave birth to the four Elements we know today. These were tasked with keeping itself functioning by taking care of nature and so they did.

Back to the advanced race that destroyed the planet with their Technology. When they got blown into that other realm they transformed, warped, twisted into what we now know as the Fallen Gods they are immortal but yet not true gods. After some time a single Fallen God much stronger then the others decided to claim leadership of the realm, the name of this Fallen God? Molekh. The realm would be known as The Realm of Molekh from now on, in the middle lies the Shadowed City and the Palace of Shadow, it looks more like a gigantic tower (the tower of babel if you will) without a roof, unfinished. A mockery to themself for not being able to control the planet.
The Fallen Gods unbound to either worlds have free passage in both realms and go about freely slowly trying to take over Gaea again.

Gaea itself did not sit still and created life through different means, evolution to be exact. Every race, creature and form of plant life is a direct creation from Gaea. This includes magical beings like dragons. There are however several species of creatures not created by Gaea, these dark beings are made by the hands of the Fallen Gods, foul experiments created in The Realm of Molekh and set loose upon the world. A fine example of these dark beings is the Vacuum Dragon.

After thousands of years Technology of the Fallen Gods started to suffer even more damage which caused the prisons of the True Gods to break, free at last the Gods looked upon the new planet. Gaea itself was the first to notice the return of the Gods and informed them on what happened, the Gods could not believe it when the planet itself spoke to them but after a long history lesson of things that happened to the planet while they were gone they knew what had to be done.

First and foremost they needed their power back. They had been away from their planet for too long which caused their power to fade. Another problem was the Technology scattered all across the planet. Some of it still functions and hampers complete return of the power of the gods. The second thing they did was banish Molekh to his own realm so he could never return and repeat history. This however requires a lot of power from the gods making them partially powerless. They have power but not nearly as much as they used to have.

Queu the present day, the True Gods have started a full out assault against the Fallen Gods banishing them one by one into their own sick and twisted realm. There is however one thing they cannot do. And that is bind the dark beings created by the Fallen Gods so they have free passage into this world. Nowadays the True Gods need help from a different corner. They need the Artefacts destroyed this is something they cannot do themselves so they have to ask mortals to do their work for them. The Fallen Gods do the same, they need the artefacts to return power to their race and release Molekh from his prison. By promising gifts of tremendous power they make mortals do their dirty work. The war between the True Gods and the Fallen Gods has just begun and the mortals of the planet Gaea are stuck right in the middle of it.


I hope you guys like the history of Gaea I will flesh it out more as there are some things unadressed that I will explain in different articles. Post a comment on what you think if you guys could be so kind it took me an entire afternoon to think this up together with a good friend of mine.
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