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Post  Don Fawful on Tue Jul 27, 2010 3:34 pm

This topic is subject to change a lot because I am still heavily working on these. I will however post what I got so far!

1. Krykardians
2. Xiro Thoraka
3. Chiroptereans

1: Krykardians.

The Krykardians are day dwellers, they are cold-blooded and because of that they have to sleep during the night to keep their body safe. The Agamé desert can become rather cold at night. They can however cope with the infernal heat of the desert and even the sandstorms of the restless sands do not pose a problem for them because they have a set of extra eyelids that are see-through but also cover their eyes from the sand. The Krykardians are shortlived in terms of how they age. Most Krykardians do not even reach the age of 60. They are however fast breeders and a female Krykardian can give birth to upto 4 children at once. This has made them the most prominent race in the desert. Something that not all of the other people like. Their society is like the egyptians with a Pharaoh at the top 3 priests below and after that the ministers that controll most of the people.

The Krykardians worship 3 of the 4 great elements that exist in this world. First of al Fire because it burns their foes, grants them warmth and strength but also passion and love. Second they worship Earth for its defensive capabilities, keeping their crops safe and the mountains where they get their ore from, it also embodies the desert in all its forms it's also associated with death while the former, fire is associated with birth and rebirth. Third they worship Air the element of speed and the winds. It's also associated with trickery and traps. They do not worship water because there is so little of it.

Krykardian are also the most nomadic of the 3 races and venture throughout the desert in search of artifacts and places to start settlements to expand the might of the sandfolk.

The body of a Krykardian is covered with thick sturdy scales from top to bottom. They have a large tail often adorned with spikes and bodypaint to show their rank. The tail of a Krykardian is filled with nutrients this is for when the times get tough and they need food. If matters come to worse they can always eat their own tail. Their tail however grows back but never as long as their old one. Their facial structure can be described as varied. As none of them look the same. Families have the same frills and facial features but other then that they can look like that of a crocodile but also like that of a turtle. The frills however can tell you their age, sex and from which family they hail. The males are big varying from 1 meter 70 to 1 meter 95, although there are exceptions of extremely large Krykardian that grow up to 3 meters tall! These are often trained as royal guards and used in the army. The females on the other hand are much smaller and never grow taller then 1 meter 75. However there are some extremely large females but those are rare. The females are more agile then males and better at climbing and swimming. Krykardians are bipedal but their legs are kind of wonky for walking. They are however great for running and long term sprinting.

Note able Krykardians: Sarlasim the explorer.

2: Xiro Thoraka

The Xiro Thoraka are insectoid humanoids with a vague hivemind. The Xiro Thoraka are a proud race and arguable the first to enter the Agamé desert. Their ranks consist of pretty much every insect in the entire world the Xiro Thoraka have the skill of swarm control which pretty much boils down to that they can let lesser insects do whatever they want. This has been pretty helpful in scouting missions, full out assaults and in daily life as well.

The highest rank a Xiro Thoraka can attain is that of the king and the way this works is that swarmers who are skilled enough get the ability to control and watch through the eyes of even their brethren, this can only occur in male swarmers and female swarmers are rare by itself. Once this happens the male swarmer is set upon the desert with the task to come back with a new swarm that is larger and more impressive then the one of the current king when this happens the current king and the to be king battle their swarms and the one who comes out with more bugs left is the winner.

Xiro Thoraka have a very long lifespan compared to Krykardians they can live up to 300 years but have to undergo a couple of transformations before they reach adulthood. All Xiro Thoraka start as grubs and depending on the way they are handled and fed they turn into different insects. For instance if a Xiro Grub is fed a lot of honey and spends a lot of time in the fields with flowers and everything they are likely to grow up to be bees, bumblebees, hornets, wasps or anything that makes/requires honey and works with flowers. Same goes for grubs coming in contact with warfare (they can feel it in the air) they grow up to be big stag beetle guards and other burly bugs. This makes it easy for parents to control their children growing up the way they want nobody knows why it works this way but it works for the Xiro Thoraka.

Because of the extreme diversity you cannot really describe their build apart from saying they look like insects with humanoid features like hands instead of claws, mouths instead of mandibles and in the case of arachnid Xiro Thoraka they have ‘’human like’’ bodies where the head of spider would be. They communicate by voice but thanks to their limited hivemind the more adapt Xiro Thoraka can read minds and talk to eachother through the hivemind.

3: Chiroptereans
To be continued.


As you can see I'm really far from done yet but atleast you can get a little bit of background information regarding the Krykardians and Xiro Thoraka!
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