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Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread Empty Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread

Post  iCEMAN_noob on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:17 pm


SKILLS: positive in black, negative in red
HELMET (put jewels in brackets like this)
CHEST (put jewels in brackets like this)
ARMS (put jewels in brackets like this)
TASSET (put jewels in brackets like this)
LEGS (put jewels in brackets like this)


Useful Information

Armor Skill Points
Charm Guide
Jewel Decoration List
Armor Combination FAQ (GameFAQs)

Some sets require a mixture of high and low rank parts so please be sure to read this very carefully. All these sets are my own design unless otherwise stated.

"Ceadeus Killer"
SKILLS: Carving Master, Olympic Swimmer

Dark Claw "Demise" (Diver Jewel)
Yamato Kabuto+/Hinata Hachigane+ (Diver Jewel & Swimmer Jewel)
Damascus Mail (Looter Jewel)
Yamato Kote+/Hinata Kote+ (Looter Jewel)
Vangis Coil (Torso Up)
Uragaan Greaves (Torso Up)
2 Slot talisman with a Diver Jewel or Swimming +3

This is my very own setup and it's almost impossible not to get everything needed. Parts can be changed around as needed, but this ensures you get the desired skills.

"Lucky Capture" or "Mega Man"
SKILLS: Great Luck, Capture Expert, Fortify

Dark Claw "Demise" (Tranquillizer Jewel x2)
Jaggi Mask
HellHunter Jacket (Destiny Jewel)
Uragaan Vambraces+ (Destiny Jewel)
Agnaktor Faulds+
Uragaan Greaves (Torso Up)
3 slot talisman with a Capture Jewel or Tranquillizer +4

I class this as low rank because of the HellHunter Jacket needs SoulHunter tickets to upgrade it. Also you need to use 2 Skypiecers which isn't very effective, but overall, it's a very easy set make. This set was originally made by "Azrael" who is a friend online.

"Lucky Capture 2.0"
SKILLS: Great Luck, Capture Expert

Dark Claw "Demise" (Tranquillizer Jewel x2)
Jaggi Mask
Damascus Mail (Destiny Jewel)
Yamato Kote+/Hinata Kote+ (Capture Jewel)
Vangis Coil (Torso Up)
Uragaan Greaves (Torso Up)
3 slot talisman with a Destiny Jewel or Fate +4

I use this set often for quests like Double Trouble since you get a lot of rewards. This is much more effective than the low rank version since it requires only 1 Destiny Jewel. This is my upgraded version of Azrael's Mega Man set.

"Stirred, but not shaken"
SKILLS: Guard +2, Flaming Aura, Termor-Proof, Razor Sharp

Sabertooth (G) or Alatreon Gleam (2 or 1 free slots respectively)
Agnaktor Helm+
Agnaktor Mail+ (Sprinter Jewel)
Agnaktor Vambraces+ (Tectonic Jewel & Footing Jewel)
Agnaktor Faulds+ (Tectonic Jewel with 1 free slot)
Agnaktor Greaves+ (Tectonic Jewel)
No talisman is required

This is the perfect setup for Uragaan, Agnaktor, Diablos and Deviljho. You will have at least 2 free slots and can add any talisman you need for an extra skill.

"The Farmer"
SKILLS: Ice Res +15, Great Luck, Capture Expert, Trap Master

Tenebra D (Destiny Jewel)
Jaggi Mask
Baggi Mail+
Baggi Vambraces (Fate Jewel)
Baggi Coil+ (TrapMaster Jewel x2)
Baggi Greaves+
Talisman with SpeedSetup +6

This is my personal setup for farming the Royal Ludroth offline to progress my farming. Check out SocialDissonance's Farming video for more details.

"The Gatherer"
SKILLS: Great Luck, Gathering +2, Speed Gatherer
OPTIONAL SKILLS: Spirit's Whim/Divine Whim

Jaggi Mask
Leather Mail+ (Gathering Jewel)
Leather Vambraces+ (Spree Jewel & Fate Jewel)
Leather Faulds+ (Fate Jewel x2)
Leather Greaves+ (Fate Jewel x2)
OPTIONAL is a talisman with Whim +9

This is the ultimate gathering and mining setup.

"King of Eggs" or "Charming"
SKILLS: Good Luck/Great Luck, Marathon Runner, Adrenaline +1, Pro Transporter

Tenebra D (Destiny Jewel)
Jaggi Mask
Barroth Mail
Barroth Vambraces (Spree Jewel)
Barroth Faulds (Sprinter Jewel)
Barroth Greaves (Fate Jewel)
Talisman with Transporter +10 (with 1 slot if possible)

This is my improved version of TonberryDon/Don Fawful's setup. If your talisman has an extra slot (which mine does) you can also get Attack Up (S). If you don't have the Tenebra D, swap the Fate Jewel for an Attack Jewel. This gives you Good Luck instead and you still have Attack Up (S).

"Lucky Sleep Bomber"
SKILLS: Great Luck, Bombardier, Status Atk Up, Recoil Down +1

FRAME - Blizzard Cannon
BARREL - Jhen Cannon or Aquamatic "Needler" (Bombardier Jewel)
STOCK - Rathling Gun+ (Absorber Jewel & Fate Jewel)
Jaggi Mask
Uragaan Vest+ (Disabler Jewel)
Uragaan Guards+ (Disabler Jewel+ & Disabler Jewel)
Uragaan Coat+ (Disabler Jewel)
Uragaan Leggings+ (Disabler Jewel+ & Disabler Jewel)
3 Slot talisman with Destiny Jewel or Fate +4

This is my improved version of SocialDissonance's setup to include Great Luck. Recoil Down +2 is not required and I can confirm it works with zero diversion.

"Sleep Bombing Blade"
SKILLS: Evasion +2, Status Atk Up, Razor Sharp, Bombardier

Morpheus Knife (Lightfoot Jewel)
Yamato Kabuto+ (Lightfoot Jewel & Evade Jewel)
Damascus Mail (Lightfoot Jewel & Bombardier Jewel)
Gigginox Vambraces+ (Bombardier Jewel x3)
Bnahabra Faulds+ (Bombardier Jewel)
Bnahabra Greaves+ (Disabler Jewel)
Talisman with Evasion +5

Even without the Evasion +5 talisman you will still get Evasion +1 which is still good. Evasion +2 will get you some invincibility when dodging, but is not essential.

"Sharp Carver"
SKILLS: Carving Master, Recovery Spd +2, Focus, Razor Sharp, Combination -5%

ANY 1 SLOT WEAPON (Carver Jewel)
Yamato Kabuto+ (Looter Jewel)
Yamato Muneate+ (Carver Jewel)
Yamato Kote+ (Looter Jewel)
Yamato Koshiate+ (Carver Jewel)
Yamato Gusoku+
3 Slot talisman with Looter Jewel or Carving +4

Very good for getting items like Unnerving Talon+ which can only be carved.

"Super Troll"
SKILLS: Earplugs, Blunt Edge, Demonic Blessing, Health -30

Deadly Knife or Bone Bludgeon+ (Earplug Jewel x2)
Helios/Selene Helm+ (Evade Jewel x3)
Helios/Selene Mail
Gigginox Vambraces+ (Evade Jewel x3)
Helios/Selene Coil+ (Evade Jewel x3)
Helios/Selene Greaves+
3 slot talisman with Resistor Jewel x3 or Health -3

Commander's Dagger > Hydra Knife > Deadly Knife
Bone Hammer > Bone Hammer+ > Bone Bludgeon > Bone Bludgeon+
Eat fish and dairy for health -30 and stamina -50 (total health 40 and stamina 50)

This is ultimate armour to p*** people off. You know what you need revenge on that one guy who never leaves or is just really annoying. You have almost the entire Helios/Selene armour so you look "legit", but the weapon is a give away. If you can get a Health -5 talisman you can remove Earplugs and have no positive skills.

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Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread Empty Re: Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread

Post  Don Fawful on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:53 pm

Alright thank you for creating a new thread this will be stickied. People follow the rules otherwise your posts will be deleted.

Thanks for your co-operation.

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Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread Empty request

Post  BurningWhiteWolf121 on Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:46 am

hi iCEMAN_noob i would like to ask you something
do you know of any good sns sets i mean i look every where
and the only SnS sets i see are for status atks what about Elementals!
i mean yeah its helpful but i only use a status SnS 4 Uragaan

i feel there is alot of wasted potential for the SnS
it has more then status attacks!

Kal Parrott has allowed me to post a link to the Faq he made on
TheTechnomancers armor combination guide
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Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread Empty Re: Monster Hunter Tri useful armours thread

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