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Other Intelligent Races. Empty Other Intelligent Races.

Post  Don Fawful on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:56 am

This topic is for me to discuss and tell you about the different intelligent races that roam the agamé desert. These are not part of the 3 way co-operation called the Sandfolk.

This is entry #1 on other intelligent species and will feature one race.

The Mandragor

Mandragor are a small tribe of nomadic plants that venture the Agamé desert in search of food and water. They hardly ever stay in one place but it's rumoured that they have built a small settlement in the hidden oasis of Sarlasim. (Named after the Krykardian who found this lush oasis)

Mandragor can be best described as loud being related to the dangerous mandrakes their voice is higher then what most people are accustomed to. They are not fond of the other races and are known for small guerrilla attacks on caravans and nomadic settlements for food and water. They are however fairly harmless on their own. The only problem they might cause is being extremely loud.

Mandragor do not grow higher then 1 meter although mutations caused by the fallen gods have given some the ability to continuoesly grow throughout their life. These Mandragor are usually situated in the center of a nomadic settlement because of their size.

Their features are not that varied compared to most tribes they look like a clump of roots come to life with distinctive arms, legs, torso and head. On top of their head is a bulb that matures during mating season. Another funny thing about mating season is that the Mandragor whisper, Mandragor seduce eachother during mating season by whispering instead of the loud vocabulary they have during regular days.

The Mandragor worship the great tree a deity that protects the Mandragor and everything related to nature it is said that the roots of the great tree go through the entirety of the Agamé desert even the Restless Sands. Nobody has ever witnessed these roots but Mandragor believe in it religiously, want to make one mad? Insult his religion.

When in danger Mandragor are known for hiding underground only showing their bulb (they aren't very subtle) and emerging when the danger has passed. Their natural enemy is fire obviously and Fire Elements are the bane of every Mandragor they are to be killed on sight.


This was entry #1 about Other Intelligent Races there will be more to come.

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