What the hell is this section about?

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What the hell is this section about? Empty What the hell is this section about?

Post  Don Fawful on Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:01 am

Alright ladies and gents I am sure a lot of you guys are wondering this exact thing. The thing is a couple of weeks ago yours trully had a huge font of inspiration (that's sadly dying down already) where I got the idea of creating a completely new world. This world is called the Agamé desert and is inhabited by the sandfolk, 3 races of humanoid species that have to survive in this harsh enviroment.

Updates come as they go I will create topics as I see fit discussion is to be directed to the general discussion thread alright people? I encourage constructive criticism but downright flaming will get you banned.

Thanks for your co-operation,

Don Fawful
Don Fawful
Don Fawful
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