Story Time - The Drunken Rage

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Story Time - The Drunken Rage

Post  MatthewJonSteel on Sat Jul 17, 2010 8:24 pm

So here is a li'l story i wrote two years ago when a teacher asked for "creative short stories"
(P.S its a long one so go grab some snacks and make yourselves comfy)

As the sun shone into the window of 11 street road, Gary woke up with a splitting headache. As he looked down on to the lounge’s floor, bottles after bottles of empty vodka lay waste to the unprotected carpet. The kitchens cupboards were completely empty, as most of the booze was kept there. Did he dare look in his bedroom, where loud snoring was heard through the night.

As he crept up the stairs he was constantly stepping on boxes of cigarettes and pot noodles. When he finally reached the door, he saw someone under the covers but before he got a chance to move he collapsed from his splitting headache. As he reached for one of the many tubs of aspirin, he stuffed 12 little tablets in his mouth, trying to cure his terrible hangover. This unfortunately made him worse and made him violently throw up. As the puke stopped flowing, he was unconscious and lying in the pile of undigested fast food.

He eventually woke up but his hair was thick with gunk. As he got up, he tried making his way through the cesspit he called his bedroom, but their were so much empty bottle and the uneaten food with flies on it were not making this experience very pleasurable. When he finally reached his bed the wet marks on the covers were not a good sign. “Oh dear god” he muttered to himself as he saw who was under the covers.
It was his friend Billy, who was still half awake; using a baby’s bottle to drink the substance that he hoped was milk. Gary just remembered something, he had invited him over to get stoned but they had used it all up in a matter of seconds. One more reason why his head hurts so much. When Gary attempted to move, he realized he tripped over another party member, the drug dealer.
More memories popped up, he invited him round then smashed his head open with a vodka bottle. But why haven’t they buried the body already? He checked the pockets, all empty apart from the 9mm gun that was in his back pocket, fully loaded with the safety catch off, the hundreds of bags of crack cocaine and at least 2,000 pounds in notes. On the walls of the bedroom, green stains were spotted all over the place. Gary hoped that it was not what he thought it was as lime juice and rum does not come out easily.
While venturing out into the hallway, he slipped on an empty tub of cough medicine and fell head first down the stairs, hitting two of the creaky stairs and getting a face full of pot noodle. As he lay unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, blood oozing out of his mouth, he remembered more about the party the other night.
He and Billy were waiting for the drug dealer to come round, when all of a sudden the door blew open with Billy’s ex girlfriend holding a gun at his head. But two shots were heard, as the drug dealer approached the house gun pointing at the ex, soon a massive gun fight started as some of the ex’s friends turned up, one holding a shotgun and the other holding a machine gun. Gary was already holding a pistol and was already behind the couch, firing at will. Billy however took out a chainsaw and before the ex could move, a piece of metal was cutting its way through her head and eventually cutting her in half. Blood splattered everywhere and as her two friends jumped up they were shot 12 times in the head each. Then the drug dealer took the bodies out to the woods so they decided to frame it on him so they hit him over the head with a bottle when he came back. Then some more people randomly walked into the house and started dancing in the rubble, but then…hang on…that’s a dream…
Gary woke back up again but he couldn’t breath properly from the pot noodle tub was covering is nose and mouth, stopping him breathing for 2 minutes. When he decided to take the tub off, he realized his house would take a lot of work to get cleaned up. The walls were full of holes from the gunshots and the mp4 shotgun had broken the wall of next doors house and slaughtered 5 of their family.
He walked out of the house and placed the drug dealers money on one of the rotting corpses and started walking back when he suddenly realized he was naked. At least 12 people saw him walking outside in the nude and placing money on some corpses. Gary ran back inside were he buckled over a large pack of pot noodles and smashed his head on a microwave. DING. His pot noodles were ready. The microwave door swung open and the boiling hot starchy material flung towards him, scolding his face in many places.
He decided to take some chill pills, a drug that was discovered by some guy who likes getting high, that creates a calm mood that relaxes all your muscles, and forcing you to chill. Gary chilled for a long 3 hours, when he finally got up he decided to cook some more pot noodles.
He decided on ham and mushroom flavor, not because he wanted it, but because there was no more chicken flavor. While that was cooking, he made a tomato cup a soup, a boiled chicken and some leeks witch later he threw away. Unfortunately they were ready all at the same time so everything was burnt, even the boiled chicken. The leeks were somehow on fire, and were melting the plastic bin and empty packets of marijuana, creating a heavenly yet deadly poisonous fume. The fumes filled the air and for the third time knocked Gary out unconscious. As the flames engulfed the kitchen, the pot noodles in the cupboard were burning and Billy, who’s randomly awake now, ran in and saved the good stuff. Then ran out the door as quick as possible and the house finally exploded, drugs, blood, guts and pot noodles flew in all directions. Gary and the drug dealer were later arrested, even though their corpses were still on fire.
Gary was sentenced 10 years for murder and doing drugs. His sentence was cut short as they realized after 3 years he was dead.
The drug dealer was let off free of charge and was given a nice home in the pacific isles where he has lived for the rest of his days…sort of.
Billy, after saving the noodles, he was given a medal of courage and soon became mayor of the galaxy. Unfortunately he died 2 days after the explosion from aids.

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