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Post  DeathMasterReaper on Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:13 pm

First of all, how is everyone? No-one need a docter, a lawyer, cake or to have their teeth cleaned by one of Jhen's overgrown toothpicks? No? Good.......

Aaaaanyways, hi! I'm DeathMasterReaper, but you can call me DMR if you want to. (I also don't care if you call me by my real name, as that's also the name of one of my MH characters. coincedense much?) I'm just your regular random guy who, at times, likes to spew out random crap, play games, suck at creating an awesome team on Pokémon Platinum and is kinda meh on MHT/3. Other then that, even though MH3 is the only Monster Hunter I've ever played, I completly love it.

Also I got introduced to this site by two of TonberryDon's vids.

I play the PAL version of MH3, I have 3 characters of not so high HRs because well... Because I can aaaand that's about it. Now back to stuying for a big test tomorrow... ugh...

Lastly I curse my luck on those Rust- and Ancient shards!!

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