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Post  Terry on Mon Aug 23, 2010 8:35 am

I'm up kinda late tonight but basically I've been (bored) farming for a rusted lance on the game Monster Hunter Tri. I don't really mind grinding but it's just kinda late and I'm yawning.. But I want that god damn lance!

Basically, I've been watching Monster Hunter videos and listening to various house/trance/dub step/what ever sub genre of techno I can find. I ended up stumbling a pon TonberryDon's youtube videos and have been watching them for about a hour. While I glance at my TV to see if a mining point has spawned yet! So yeah I decided I'd join up here in hopes of meeting some Monster Hunter Tri players! And gamers a like, I'm basically a video game addict.

I'm not really sure what is expected in these intro topics so I'm going to ramble while I chip away at rocks in a uncomfortably hot lava filled death trap.

Monster Hunter name same as user name. (Terry)
Play in the NTSC.
I'm from Canada.

I'm been playing the Monster Hunter series since the beginning in the PS2 era. For Tri I've gone back to my roots and am using mainly Lances again, obviously why I'm after the rare Undertaker! I bought the game asap but was busy with school so only this last month I've really stepped up and been playing this one. I've partnered up with one of my old hunting partners from freedom 2 I think, not sure. Anyways basically we're both reaching the 30 HR urgent jhen quest. I like to call him the sand whale. Sadly I have a lot more time then she does, so I'm basically trying to haul ass on the offline game so I don't advance my HR. Once we do that I'm not waiting anymore though. There's only so much space I have in my inventory for obscene amounts of honey farming!

Yap, so the last few days I've seen the credits roll, and am basically working on a collection of low rank armors and trying to complete every possible quest. I'm hoping to get a deep dragon jem just for the coolness factor of the Ceadus armor.


Looks like there's a lot of Pokemon players, that game was the bomb back in the game boy days. I admit I picked up a copy of Soul Silver, but I've wondered away from it and am preoccupied with MH which I can easily ramble about for ages.

Oh and I'm in the process of setting up Skype for voice chat if anyone is interested in talking that way while playing together that'd be awesome.

Nice! I just got it! Mewhaha. Sorry for the ramble to who ever actually read it, nice to meet you! ^^

Time to go poke a Rathlos in the eye with a massive toothpick.

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Post  jimmo on Mon Aug 23, 2010 11:04 am

welcome to the forum
finding rust weapons are a bit of a downer, but dont give up! ive found 2 rusted lances and sword and shields, but still no ancient blade Sad
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