The Current Metagame (Post Mence)

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The Current Metagame (Post Mence) Empty The Current Metagame (Post Mence)

Post  MatthewJonSteel on Sat Aug 14, 2010 12:44 pm

Well this thread is mainly about the DS game due to Battle Revolution having little law and order, whereas the DS games are lashed with Smogons Whip.

With salamence gone i would like to know how everyone else is dealing with this new metagame and if you think it is better or worse.

Personally i think it is horrible, as scizor has been nearly replaced by breloom, stall is running wild and there is no way to counter every team well. I hav'nt played this new metagame much as i quit when they made mence uber, but for those who have i would like to know your opinions c:

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